Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Disabling Low Disk Notification

I have a HP Pavilion DV6000 Intel Centrino, 200GB, 2GB, 2.80GHz. Since my Laptop has alot of space, and it has two 100GB HDDs. I have different partitions that I use for different things.
I have like 15GB of software Installation Files, which I split into 4GBs so I can easily burn them to DVDs if the need arises. These softwares are kept on a seperate partition which I keep full to the brim, I mean- I keep 10GB in a 10.5GB partition. I do not advice you to do the same because you will experience problems trying to defragment such drives.
I do not need to defrag those partitions because files they do not get fragmented, I do not delete large files from the partition and it so it is just intact.

Now when this is done, I get a low disk space warning notification which I don't like to see.

I found a way to disable the low disk warning notification.

Copy the text below into an empty note pad windows and store the document as with a reg extention i.e. if u decide to save the file as "disable low disk" save it as "disable low disk.reg"

Here's the code to copy:


Thanks to and Hiren

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